Texas Family Code

Title 1 : The Marriage Relationship
Subtitle A
Subtitle B
Property Rights and Liabilities
Subtitle C
Dissolution of Marriage
Title 1-A : Collaborative Family Law
Chapter 15
Collaborative Family Law Act
Title 2 : Child in Relation to the Family
Subtitle A
Limitations of Minority
Subtitle B
Parental Liability
Subtitle C
Change of Name
Subtitle E
General Provisions
Title 3 : Juvenile Justice Code
Chapter 51
General Provisions
Chapter 52
Proceedings Before and Including Referral to Court
Chapter 53
Proceedings Prior to Judicial Proceedings
Chapter 54
Judicial Proceedings
Chapter 55
Proceedings Concerning Children with Mental Illness Or Intellectual Disability
Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Rights of Victims
Chapter 58
Records; Juvenile Justice Information System
Chapter 59
Progressive Sanctions Model
Chapter 60
Uniform Interstate Compact on Juveniles
Chapter 61
Rights and Responsibilities of Parents and Other Eligible Persons
Title 3A : Truancy Court Proceedings
Chapter 65
Truancy Court Proceedings
Title 4 : Protective Orders and Family Violence
Subtitle A
General Provisions
Subtitle B
Protective Orders
Subtitle C
Family Violence Reporting and Services
Title 5 : The Parent-Child Relationship and the Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship
Subtitle A
General Provisions
Subtitle B
Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship
Subtitle C
Judicial Resources and Services
Subtitle D
Administrative Services
Subtitle E
Protection of the Child