G. Permanency Planning Meetings

1. Timing of Permanency Planning Meetings

DFPS shall hold a permanency planning meeting for each child for whom DFPS is appointed temporary managing conservator in accordance with a schedule adopted by department rule that is designed to allow the child to exit the managing conservatorship of DFPS safely and as soon as possible and be placed with an appropriate adult caregiver who will permanently assume legal responsibility for the child. Tex. Fam. Code § 263.009(a).

The initial permanency planning meeting is to occur within 45 days after DFPS removes a child to develop an initial Family Plan of Service (FPOS) and visitation plan. Permanency planning meetings should also occur before scheduled permanency hearings, after a significant update to the child's permanency goal, and as soon as possible after a final court order naming DFPS as permanent managing conservator of a youth age 16 or older with a permanency goal of Another Planned Permanency Living Arrangement (APPLA) and any time after that, if there is no progress toward achieving positive permanency for the youth. CPS Policy Handbook § 6251.[8]

2. Permanency Planning Meeting Requirements

At each permanency planning meeting, DFPS shall:

•   Identify any barriers to achieving a timely permanent placement for the child;

•   Develop strategies and determine actions that will increase the probability of achieving a timely permanent placement for the child; and

•   Use the family group decision-making model whenever possible. Tex. Fam. Code § 263.009(b).