J. Health Passport

The Health Passport is a web-based, secure health information tool which utilizes claims data to provide information on healthcare services for every child, youth, or young adult enrolled in the STAR Health program. The Health Passport is not a full medical record. It contains the following information:

•   A record of healthcare visits and services with any network provider;

•   Immunizations, lab results, and prescriptions received;

•   Healthcare forms such as psychotropic reviews, service plans, Texas Health Steps forms, CANS 2.0 results, and the FSNA;

•   Allergies, vital signs, height, weight, and record of future scheduled appointments if entered by network providers; and

•   A two-year history from prior to entering foster care if the child received Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage in the past.

Medical consenters, caseworkers, network providers, some CASA staff, and some residential provider staff are able to view Health Passport records. STAR Health Network providers are able to enter data into Health Passport.

Only a DFPS staff member may give a printed copy of the Health Passport or sections of the Health Passport to other persons or entities, including judges.