Please see Checklist Section for Medical and Mental Health Care Checklist.

STAR Health is a comprehensive, managed care program designed to better coordinate and improve access to health care for:

•   Children in DFPS conservatorship (under age 18)

•   Youth in CPS extended foster care (ages 18 to 22)

•   Youth who were previously under DFPS conservatorship and have returned to foster care through voluntary foster care agreements (ages 18 to 22)

•   Youth who aged out of foster care at age 18 and are eligible for Medicaid services (ages 18-21)

•   Former foster care youth (ages 21 to 23) enrolled in an institution of higher education located in Texas enrolled in the Former Foster Care in Higher Education (FFCHE) program.

There are a few populations of children who are not eligible for the STAR Health program. Unless otherwise indicated, these children receive Medicaid through the Traditional Fee-for-Service program. STAR Health does not cover children who are:

•   Placed outside of Texas;

•   From other states but placed in Texas;

•   Residents in nursing homes, state schools, state supported living centers, and ICF-IID facilities;

•   Dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare;

•   Adopted and the adoption is finalized;

•   In hospice; or

•   In DFPS conservatorship but adjudicated in a Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) facility and do not receive Medicaid but receive health care services through TJJD.