F. Requesting a SIL Placement

Step 1: The young adult discusses SIL with the caseworker. The young adult completes the DFPS a SIL Application and gives to the DFPS caseworker.

Step 2: The DFPS caseworker sends the completed and approved SIL Application to the SIL Coordinator through a mailbox established by DFPS. The SIL Coordinator in the DFPS State Office send the referral to the SIL Contractor(s) that have available openings.

Step 3: The DFPS caseworker discuss the available SIL placement options with the young adult. The young adult has the option to accept a SIL placement in any DFPS Region where a SIL setting has been established.

Step 4: At the young adult's direction, the DFPS caseworker sends the required forms and the SIL application to contracted SIL provider(s).

Step 5: Upon initial acceptance by a SIL provider, the young adult and DFPS caseworker hold discussions with the SIL provider. If the young adult, DFPS caseworker and SIL provider agree on the placement, a placement date is identified, and the placement is completed.

For more information, refer to the SIL policy on Requesting a SIL Placement at https://www.dfps.state.tx.us/handbooks/CPS/Files/CPS_pg_x10400.asp#CPS_10484 .