A. Petition for Reinstatement

A petition to reinstate parental rights may be filed by DFPS, a Single Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC), the attorney ad litem for a child, and the parent whose rights were terminated. If the petitioner is the parent, they must provide DFPS with 45 days' notice of their intent to file. Notice of the petition must be served on the child, the county attorney, the child's attorney, DFPS or the SSCC, the parent (if they are not the petitioner), and the tribe if the child is subject to the (ICWA). A petition may be filed two years after termination, but the child must not have been adopted or in an agreed adoptive placement. The petition must include the name of the petitioner, the name and address of the parent, the name, date of birth, and residence of the child, and contact information for any party that participated in the termination hearing that has relevant information to the petition. The petition must also include a summary of the termination grounds, a summary of the facts and evidence that demonstrate the parent's current fitness, a statement of the child's consent if the child is 12 years or older, and a summary of the parent's prior requests for reinstatement (if the petitioner is not the parent). Tex. Fam. Code ยง 161.302.